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      1. Industry application

        Relying on strong R & D center, our company developed at room temperature, low temperature, altitude, offshore and other multiple series of electronic products, applicable to a variety of different environmental wind field; at the same time, can be in accordance with the needs of customers provide electric control system of the overall solution design and product differentiation.

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        RENergy Electric wins title of “Global T...

        On October 12, 2015, the list of “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises in 2015”...



        Renergy electric branch Party demonstrati...

        The morning of November 11th, renergy electric Party branch Party demonstration cr...



        Renergy electric with intelligent control...

        14 to 16 October, Ruineng electric portable intelligent fan, smart micro network a...

        The 3rd Supplier Conference of RENergy wa...

        The 3rd Supplier Conference of RENergy was successfully held in Crowne Plaza Binha...

        Moving forward towards the direction of your dreams—RENergy Electric is looking forward to your attendance (We want you).

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